Confused About Your Blood Tests? We’ll Translate Them For You And Tell You What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You..

...We’ll Translate Your Blood Test Results
And Tell You What Your Doctor Isn’t…

Have you ever gone in for a blood test only to get a couple of words from your doctor on some things you need to improve…

...or maybe your doctor just said…

“Yep, looks normal.”

Then you think to yourself…

“If my blood test results are normal, why don’t I feel normal?”

Here’s something you may not realize…

Just because you’re blood test results are “normal,” does NOT mean you’re perfectly healthy or that everything is ok.

Doctors ONLY focus on DISEASE, but a majority of people with chronic health problems do not have a disease…

...they have imbalances that are causing their problems...

That’s where we come in…


The Blood Test
Translator Service


You send us your blood test results

We’ll do a thorough analysis of the results for you

Within 72 hours or less, we’ll send you a detailed report that breaks down everything in your blood test results and makes it easy-to-understand

“Why Do I Need This?”

The Blood Test Translator Service Can Change Your Life…
(It Can Even Save It)

Not too long ago, we received an order from a guy in 20s that had high cholesterol and anemia.

Of course, that’s relatively young for someone to be dealing with elevated cholesterol, and anemia is very unusual in a young man. His doctor did what most doctors do…

...he wanted to prescribe a prescription to deal with the elevated cholesterol… in fact, the drug the doctor wanted to put him on was a dangerous statin drug that can cause muscle pain, fatigue, and memory loss.

This young man also had borderline thyroid issues that the doctor pretty much ignored.

Using clues picked up from our Blood Test Translator service, we were able to ultimately discover that he had the H pylori bacteria in his stomach…

Once he resolved that, his anemia went away, his thyroid tests normalized, and guess what?

His cholesterol levels came down without a prescription!

And he is just 1 of our many happy clients…

Take a Look at one of our Sample Reports
To see for yourself.
(Click the image below to get a Sample PDF Report)

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“How Much Will This Cost Me?”

We like to think of this as an investment in your health. With the Blood Test Translator service, you’ll discover things your doctor may have overlooked, just didn't bother to tell you about, or simply doesn't even know.

Because you’ll finally know what’s going in YOUR body, you’ll be able to take a proactive approach to feeling your best…

Choose From 3 Service Options
To Meet Your Unique Needs…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Blood Test Translator Service…

What is the Blood Test Translator Service?

In short, we take your blood work and analyze it using our custom software to determine if you may have hidden problems or issues that could help explain any current health problems you may have.

If you’re not happy with the results from a recent doctor visit and know there must be more than the doctor is telling you, you'll get deep insight on what your issues are, and what imbalances are making you feel the way you do.

Who needs this service?

If you:

  • Are confused about your blood test results
  • Don’t feel your best
  • Have a chronic health problem
  • Know that your doctor is missing something
  • Or you just want to take a deeper dive into your health than what most doctors provide 

Can’t I get this from my doctor?

This analysis of your blood work is FAR more in-depth that what you’d get from your doctor. 

The in-depth information that the blood test translator provides would take your doctor an hour to discuss with you… if he knew this information, but he doesn’t because it provides information about IMBALANCES and nutritional problems. Doctors only focus on DISEASE, but there is an incredible wealth of information that can be obtained from your blood tests… even when you do not have any diseases.

How long does this take?

Turnaround time for the report is 72 hours, although we may even get it back to you the same day in some cases.


Who Shouldn't Purchase this Report?

If you don't have any standard blood work from your doctor, then this report is not for you. You'll need at least a 'standard' set of blood tests for this test to be of use to you. 

What exactly do I get?


Option #2 - All of the above PLUS a video explanation where we’ll cover each point in detail and give you feedback and suggestions.

Option #3 - Sorry, we are not accepting new clients for this service at this time. 


Is this service private and will my blood work analysis be safe?

Yes, we take your privacy EXTREMELY seriously. Everything we do related to blood work is encrypted, 100% in government compliance with health care record privacy regulations (HIPAA compliant), and totally confidential.


What are the big advantages of this service?

You’ll have information about your health that your doctor can’t provide you… because he wouldn’t have the time to discuss it with you EVEN IF he understood the information, which the vast majority of doctors don’t.

The information you receive may even provide you with the information you need to finally understand why you don’t feel as well as you should.

How do I get started?

Choose a package below that works best for you, click the buy button, and then we’ll send you an email with instructions for submitting your blood work.

Take Control Of Your Health Today!

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